Luxury Ostrich Leather Cigar Cases: A Stylish Companion for Aficionados

For a true cigar connoisseur, a clean, high-quality case is a must-have. The cigar case serves a multitude of purposes, and so it has to be a sturdy, elegant item. Cigar cases are made from a wide variety of materials, including leather, wood, and other premium materials. Among all the viable materials most commonly used for cigar cases, ostrich leather makes an interesting choice. It is one of the most exotic, smooth, sturdy, and versatile natural hides, although it is not well known. Ostrich skins are prized all over the world, from Japan to Italy, for their use in making exotic leather. This article will discuss everything you need to know about ostrich leather, especially with reference to its use in making cigar cases.

Ostrich Leather in Cigar Accessories

Birds are not the first animal to come to mind when one thinks of leather, but ostriches are a little different from other birds. For one, they are the world's largest birds, and their large size also translates to the thickness of their skins. In fact, ostrich leather has been tanned for leather in South Africa since the 1850s. Of course, ostriches are not as plentiful as cattle, and the low availability of ostrich leather means it is quite expensive. However, this rarity adds a layer of prestige to ostrich leather.

Ostriches were originally reared for their meat and feathers, and their skins were not valued for tanning until recently. Today, only a few tanneries in South Africa work ostrich skins into ostrich leather. Apart from cigar cases, ostrich leather is an export product used to make wallets, handbags, and other luxury items. The local government has control over the sale of ostrich leather to ensure that there is no illegal killing or shipping of ostriches.

The Making of Ostrich Leather Cigar Cases

The tanning process to create ostrich leather is not that different from any other leather-making process. Only a third or so of hide is useful for making leather. This is called the center diamond area, and it is topped by the crown of the ostrich. The skin gotten from this region is stretched, cleaned, and tanned to create beautiful, exotic leather. It can be used to produce any number of unique luxury items, from handbags to motorcycle seats.

The leather is usually gotten from the neck area of the ostrich. The skin from the neck is of a higher grade than that from other areas. Ostrich skin is quite thick when compared to other birds, but it is still a relatively light material amongst other leathers. The exotic leather is soft and yet durable, free of defects and blemishes. Ostrich skin is quite distinct; it is naturally covered in spots, marking where the feathers grow out. Ostriches have a large quill area in the skin, but the crown area is quite small.

Only High Quality Ostrich Leather Will Do

Tanning ostrich skin to make ostrich leather is one of the most intricate processes of its type. Pound for pound, ostrich leather is of the highest leather grade imaginable. Cigar cases are made from the highest grade possible, higher than the grades used for wallets or on furniture. The ostrich leather used is meticulously checked to make sure it is free of any scratch, defects, scars, or discolored areas. To ensure a perfect fit, the processed, exotic leather is cut into rectangular shapes that are then sewn together around the wooden panels of the cigar case.

Making a cigar case from ostrich leather is a project that requires high levels of expertise. Ostrich skin with more than two defects per unit area is not used to produce cigar cases. Unlike belts or upholstery, a cigar case is purely a status symbol, and it needs to be free of any defects, smooth but not gaudy. Skin from the belly of the ostrich is quite soft, but it is sometimes marred by one or two defects.

Why Ostrich Leather Elevates Cigar Storage

There are many reasons why ostrich leather elevates the design of a cigar case. Its softness and flexibility make it easy to cut and shape into intricate shapes. Ostrich skin has natural markings, and the quill pattern also adds an aura of classic beauty. Sometimes smaller quills may be added back to the hide to add a touch of unique sophistication to the body of the case.

Ostrich skin can be used to create a variety of cigar case designs. This is because it is a very flexible leather that can be cut into many sizes. With dyes, ostrich leather is easy to color, and a large quantity can take colors at a time.

Ostrich leather is rare on the market, as it only appears once in a while. A cigar case made from ostrich leather will hold its stock quite well and may be sold for profit at a later date. Cigar cases made from the center diamond area of the ostrich skin are especially valuable. The center diamond is prized as a truly exotic leather of a higher grade than any other. Note that the quill marks are not considered defects but rather natural occurrences.

Exploring the Longevity of Ostrich Leather Cigar Cases

Despite its perception on the world market as a fragile material, ostrich leather is quite durable if it is well cared for. It can withstand the rigors of daily use and constant contact without losing its luster. Ostrich leather also holds colors quite well; even bright colors are not quickly lost.

Note that ostrich leather needs more care than most other leather materials. This is because it is an especially exotic leather. This includes oiling, cleaning, and checking for any defect regularly. This helps to save the material from blemishes and ensure that it does not lose its value.

An ostrich leather cigar case is the sort of antique that will add value with the passing of time. Previous examples that are handmade are often sold for much more than newer items. A quick view of the ostrich leather cigar cases currently on the market shows the stock value they have.

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