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Handcrafted in France by highly skilled artisans from rare and high quality materials.

While strolling through the streets of Paris looking for a beautiful leather case to carry his credit cards, Emmanuel Lesur, the founder of Bosquet Paris, made a life-changing discovery. It was the first time he saw luxury accessories for cigar aficionados, in a famous Parisian civet shop in 1996. When he saw these beautiful cigarillo boxes in the window, the desire to own such an elegant, distinguished and made to measure object, took over.

He approached an independent craftsman to design his dream piece, starting with a customized card holder made of exotic leather. Delighted by this new accessory, Emmanuel decided to offer some to his family and friends and built a strong friendship with the artisan. It was the beginning of a collaboration that would later lead to the creation of Bosquet Paris.

Together, they started designing cigar holders under the name of “Luxstyle” between 1996 and 1997. At first, the products were exclusively reserved for the French and British market, for white label companies. In this way, Luxstyle mainly supplied handmade exotic leather cigar cases to Mayfair’s private clubs as well as high-end retailers.

Traditionally supplied by classic, low-quality, neutral-colored pieces, the luxury cigar accessories’ market was just waiting to be tapped.

The quality, the elegance and the aesthetic of the products initially imagined by Emmanuel and crafted by his loyal partner, earned them a worldwide success. Thus, to satisfy a growing demand, Bosquet Paris was created in 2015.

With its modern creations, the brand became a synonym for luxury and style. The main objective is to create accessories that combine both design and functionality, so they can be used daily by aficionados.

To achieve this level of excellence, each case is crafted from rare, top-quality materials. The classic line features grained calf leather available in 65 different shades, while the premium line proposes exotic leathers such as ostrich, python, fish skin, alligator or even crocodile, depending on the availability. The leathers come from France, Spain and Italy.

The craftsmanship is French. From cutting the leather to molding, sewing and drying, it takes no less than 6 weeks for the highly skilled craftsmen to produce a Bosquet case, entirely by hand. Made of a 5-ply material, this accessory ensures full protection of the cigars, as well as durability and solidity over the years.

Everything is done to offer cigar lovers a totally custom-made product: a wide range of bright colors, a cylindrical or rectangular format and a capacity that varies between 1, 2 or 3 cigars per cases. The diameter of each cigar holder is 27 mm, which is adequate for cigars with a generous cepo. However, larger sizes are also available, mainly for non-Cuban cigars whose ring is often larger.

Each piece is carefully inspected by a quality control team to ensure that there are no manufacturing defects, marks in the leather or that the two parts of the case fit perfectly together. Once completed, 22 karat gold details are added by hand on the product.

Akio Shindate, a well-known artist in Japan and designer at Bosquet Paris, develops new case designs that combine aesthetics and practicality.

This cigar case is a real must-have in an aficionado’s collection. It will give an integral and rigorous protection of the cigars, even on a daily use, all with elegance and class.

BOSQUET PARIS - Cigar case for 2 cigars - grained calf leather

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