Collection: Python Leather Cigar Cases

Experience elegance and sophistication with our exotic Python leather cigar cases, available in French-style 1, 2 and 3 finger varieties.

These luxurious cases are perfect for cigar aficionados who appreciate the finer things in life. Our selection of original colours will make them stand out among other accessories, ensuring that your evening is stylish and unique.

Our luxury cigar cases are hand made with high-quality leather that is soft and supple yet strong enough to keep your cigars protected. The interior lining is often lined with vegetable leather which is odorless and keep moisture, ensuring that your cigars remain at peak flavor. Many of these cases feature divider compartments which allow you to keep multiple cigars separate and organized. With a python leather cigar case, you can ensure that each cigar is kept in perfect condition when you are on the go.

Make a statement and add the perfect touch of luxury to any occasion with one of our exquisitely crafted python leather cigar cases. They make an excellent gift for any special occasion or as a way to show appreciation to someone you care about. Whether you are looking for something functional or simply want to add a classic design element to your personal collection, you won’t be disappointed with our selection of handmade French-style cigar cases.

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